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Let’s go fishing and hunting! Get in touch and let us put you on the water. We have over 30 years of fishing and hunting experience to make sure we get you the best fishing trip possible. The water, weather, and bite are ever changing and if you’re a beginner or just in the area looking for a great day out, we have the equipment and know how to make it an exciting trip. New Jersey has a rarely focused upon incredible fishery. Trout reserves keep some of the rivers loaded with trophy sized fish. A terrific walleye fishery will wow you in some of the most scenic and remote environments on the east coast. Bald eagles replace car horns and historic ancient landscapes replace blacktop in some of the great prolific holes we fish.

Either on the water or from the shore I will make sure to find you what’s biting when you’re ready for your adventure.

Brother CE4000 Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother 40-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine CE4000 is the best replacement for the old sewing and embroidery machines that are difficult to manage and use. It comes with an LCD screen where changing stitching patterns is made easy.

This sophisticated, computerized machine offers 40 stitch functions, including wide zigzag and other decorative designs. In its compact form, it will not consume so much area around the house or business place.


  • 40 built-in stitch functions
  • Computerized stitch selection on an LCD screen
  • Different decorative designs in different sizes
  • With thread tension control, adjustable to meet user and design requirements
  • Sewing area equipped with LED for illumination purposes
  • Built-in one-step button holer with 5 buttonhole styles

Brother CE4000Coming from a reputable brand of sophisticated sewing and embroidery machines, Brother 40-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine CE4000 is among its early offerings. It features everything that a mechanical or manual designer sewing and embroidery machine does not. In a compact design, it can make a handful of design in an hour.

The LED illuminator even betters the entire package by giving concentrated light to the sewing area. This is very helpful when designs starts to become complicated and needs a little highlighting.

What the Brother CE4000 40-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine lacks is ready and programmed designs that most of its successors already features. It is not backed with a programmable memory card that is restorable whenever the machine starts to become irregular. Click here for more information.

Its lack of contoured design is also something that contributes to its old style appearance. At first glance, it will be clear that it belongs to older (although more durable materials) designs and innovations of Brother.


  • Modern and sophisticated for its class
  • With built-in 40 stitches functions
  • Compact dual LED-illuminated design
  • With adjustable thread tension control
  • Easy managed thru its LCD screen
  • Minimizes space


  • Still bulky and heavy compared to successors
  • Frame-less, needs table-top for its stand

With everything starts to become sophisticated, this machine is just fit to emerge in the market. It will offer a replacement to the bulky and muscle work of old fashioned sewing and embroidery machines.

Brother XL2220NT Sewing Machine

Brother is one of the leading brands of sewing machines in the market today. In fact, from thirteen brands of sewing machines, one person in three chooses one made by Brother. The company offers a wide range of innovative, stylish and relatively less expensive sewing and embroidery machines suitable for anyone from beginners to small and start-up businesses. Visit this resource for additional information.

One of their top selling models is the Brother XL 2220NT sewing machine.


  • Weight: 5.9 kilograms
  • 11 automatic stitches including straight, satin, zigzag, elastic, elastic over lock and blind hem
  • Drop in bobbin
  • 4-step automatic buttonhole function
  • Embroidery attachment
  • Electronic Speed control
  • Built-in light
  • Portable and lightweight automatic sewing machine with built-in handle
  • Free Instructional DVD
  • Free Dust cover

Brother XL2220NTOne of the Brother sewing machines that is ideal for beginners and casual hobbyists is the Brother XL-2220NT Sewing Machine. This versatile yet compact sewing machine offers 11 automatic stitches and 26 manual stitches for all around sewing and embroidery jobs.

Some of the stitches that the Brother XL-2220NT can do are straight, satin, zigzag, elastic, elastic overstock and blind hem. It’s lightweight construction and compact size makes it portable and easy to set up. It even has a built in handle.

The Brother XL-2220NT Sewing Machine is perfect for the casual hobbyist who will surely love all the versatile features that the machine offers, especially the different stitches. A big advantage of the XL-2220NT is its deceptively small and compact size, which makes it very portable and handy.

At only 5.9 kilograms it’s one of the lighter sewing machines in the market. There’s a built in handle to make it even more portable. Other helpful features are the built in light and electronic speed control. It also comes with free instructional DVD to help beginners.


  • Lightweight, compact, portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet, efficient operation
  • 11 automatic stitches, 26 manual stitches
  • 4-step automatic buttonhole function
  • Easy threading device


Not much drawbacks in this particular model.

To conclude, this is a highly recommended sewing machine. It is suitable not only for beginners and hobbyists but also for small and start-up businesses.

Brother PC 210 PRW Sewing Machine

Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is definitely a collector’s item. It is just what its descriptive name pronounces, a limited edition. What makes it different from the line of Brother’s sewing and embroidery machines in one is that it is capable of moving the needle at the precise point where stitching or embroidery is needed. If it is a fashion styled wardrobe in line, the Brother CE4000 is the right tool.


  • Built-in 50 functional stitches for references
  • LED screen display for pattern number with button
  • Quick set Bobbin for fast and easy sewing
  • Advanced needle threading system
  • Automatic reverse stitch or reinforcement when necessary with needle stop position control
  • Foot pressure and leveling button as well as stitch length and width presser control

Brother PC 210 PRWThis model is the modern partner for those who love to sew their own wardrobes. It is also recommended for business, especially on casual and specialty dresses. It has a compact design but still a little too heavily button designed, making its impression for fussy management and use.

Still, the LED display indicates a modern and easy navigation for the pattern design wanted for a project sew. It is also featured with an automatic reinforce and reverse stitch that will make the stitches durable and long lasting.

Aside from the fussy design of Brother PC-210 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine, it does not also offer built-in designs and editing features. Using it is just like using old, mechanical machines with all the works and built-in stitch functions only seasoned tailors know. The controls will also be a lot easier for a beginner if it were designed simpler or automatic.


  • Nice, compact design except for the number of buttons
  • LED display represents the modern concept of PC-210 PRW Limited Edition
  • Automatic reverse and reinforcement stitches
  • Multiple controls


  • Too many controls
  • Confusing buttons design

The Brother PC-210 PRW is what a fashion designer or wardrobe planner needs. For enthusiasts, this is a recommended replacement to mechanical sewing machines.

Mastering Hunting With A Crossbow: A Beginner’s Guide

crossbow hunterCrossbow shooting, as in using a bow and an arrow, is quite an art to master. Fortunately, like most forms of expertise, it can be learned and perfected. This ancient artillery was developed as an improvement of the traditional bow, to ease hunting expeditions, especially if you need to maintain a full draw while pursuing game. Thanks to these advancements, it also became significantly easier to use. This comprehensive guide will highlight some of the pointers you need to be aware of, before going out for your first hunt.

At this juncture, am assuming you have your crossbow assembled and intact. If you have recently bought your equipment, be sure to take some time going through the manual and setting up your paraphernalia as per the directions. This is an important safety measure, considering that a loose stirrup string can easily take off a thumb at a full draw. If the manufacturers instructions are vague or unclear, ask for help in assembling the crossbow. Safety first.

Step one: Cocking the bow.

Cocking, simply means making a full power draw of your bow in readiness for the shoot. This will vary depending on whether you’re using a recurve or compound crossbow. The recurve crossbow is actually the easier one to use though at the expense of accuracy and power. A compound crossbow is characterized with levers and pulleys designed to propel the arrow at a high and powerful velocity than their recurve counterparts. Luckily, cocking mechanisms for this complex bow are usually available. This makes it possible to make a stalwart and tensile draw with minimum effort. Cocking the bow can be done using any of the three approaches;

  1. Manual Cocking: This is one of the simplest methods applicable to recurve bows. Set your crossbow on the ground or a flat surface. Step firmly on the stirrup and then reach out for the string and pull it backward. The drawback attached to this approach is that only a small or medium power draw can be attained. In fact, you have to be exceptionally strong to achieve anything close to a powerful draw.
  2. Rope Cocking: Designed to offer you a 50% mechanical advantage. In simple terms to obtain a 200lbs draw, you have to pull only 100lbs practically The rope in question has two handles to assist on a firm grip while in use. Assembling a rope cocker is also as easy. Stepping on the stirrup, connect the cable on the two string clips and pull the handles upwards to cock the bow.
  3. Crank Cocking: This makes use of a small hand-actuated winch, which reduces the drawing force needed considerably. By winding the winch, you can achieve a full tensile powerful draw without much effort. It comes in very handy for enthusiasts with disabilities.

Step two: Sighting in.

This is usually the exciting part. Most manufacturers will integrate a red dot or a cross-hairs reticle scope on the equipment. Some bows come in a pre-set condition and ready to shoot. However, most likely you be required to adjust your scope to suit your desired accuracy levels. Sighting a scope will involve using the adjusters and the directional arrows, to alter the vision of the impact point. Practice by shooting a couple of bolts at a marked target, after the scope adjustment, to verify the bow’s accuracy.

Step three: The Hunt.

At this stage, you may have familiarized yourself with the process of loading an arrow, and taking an aim. Nevertheless in the field, an advanced level of alertness and accuracy is required for a successful kill. Cock the bow in advance, however, do not load it yet, until you have sighted the prey. For beginners, it imperative that you get as close as you possibly can to the game before taking an aim. While at it, be sure not to startle it, by releasing the safety lock quietly.

Lastly, remember that it takes months or even years of practice, to perfect the art of hunting successfully with a crossbow. Don’t be discouraged if you initially return from hunting sessions empty-handed, even veterans have nurtured their mastery of this sport through patience.

Tips on Crossbow Hunting

best hunting crossbowCrossbow hunting has continued to rise in popularity all over the country and all over the world as well. In fact, most of these folks are already seasoned hunters. But if you are still new on this sport, don’t worry, for it is easy to achieve success if you just keep these tips in mind.

Purchase a Crossbow that will Work for You

It is important that you choose the right crossbow for your sport. This is pretty easy but you might be surprised at the number of choices available for you. Just like the guns, you may want to try out as many crossbows as you want before you go on to purchase best crossbow on the market. Trying out as many crossbows as you can is important since the crossbow designs significantly change over time.

It is also a good idea to choose crossbow packages that will come complete with everything that you will need for both shooting and hunting. It should have the crossbow, some arrows, scope sight, quiver, cocking device, etc.

Learn the Range of your Crossbow

A lot of crossover hunters are very much familiar with making a shot using their rifle at 100 and more yards, and end up successful. This will not be possible even when you use the best crossbow. The maximum range for a modern crossbow is 40 yards and that is for the most seasoned crossbow shooters. The hunter must be able to shoot at maximum range of 20 – 25 yards. With this range, you can be assured that the shot will have a greater chance of success.

Use Quality Arrows

Unless your arrows will fly like laser beams, you will not be able to hit your target precisely. Cheaper arrows are often manufactured with sloppy tolerances and flies like a knuckleball. This is the reason why it is important that you only use the best arrows, and that they should be designed specifically for crossbow shooting. Arrows made of carbon and aluminum are highly recommended.

Use Quality Broadheads

Just like with the arrows, you must make sure to use high quality broadheads as well. There are several different makes and models and they are available in varying styles as well. Again, the most expensive ones are generally those that are built with the tightest tolerances and with the sharpest blades which fly straight and true and have a longer track record for success. The most common weight for hunting broadheads is 100 grains.